Please read this outstanding blog post by of the , affirming critical race and anti-racist research. If we are too afraid to ask critical questions about race, then we will never arrive at necessary answers about racism.
"Contrary to the current federal administration, we think these grantees should be engaged in anti-racist education and practice that includes the concepts of critical race theory and white privilege." Read 's post on anti-racism at #NYUMetroBlog!
We're honored to have Adam Gamoran, President of the William T. Grant Foundation, pen this #NYUMetroBlog post highlighting Anti-Racist education and training as an essential component of research in universities. Take a look!
Read re anti-racist education among federal grantees, "we think grantees should be engaged in anti-racist education and practice...that help researchers understand & address systemic racism and the structural foundations of inequality in the U.S.
Read NAEd Vice-President Adam Gamoran's recent post on the importance of anti-racist education for research universities here: .
"Because the policies that support White privilege have been made by people, they can be unmade by people. This is where research universities and firms enter the picture." - 's via
. speaks out against OMB directive forbidding anti-racist training in federal agencies. " grantees should be engaged in anti-racist education & practices that help them understand & address systemic racism & structural foundations of inequality."
Ban anti-racist teaching? That's a terrible idea. See my views here