Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say people being able to speak their minds freely online is more important than people being able to feel welcome and safe online (54% vs. 38%).
Partisan divisions continue to increase over what is deemed offensive content online, the importance for the internet to be a safe space, and the importance of being able to freely speak one's mind online.
In the biggest shock of the century, women and liberals are more likely to prioritize feeling safe on the internet and Republican men prioritize defending offensive speech.
Partisans in the U.S. increasingly divided on whether offensive content online is taken seriously enough
According to Pew: Americans are excited to democratically ditch free speech: "53% say it’s more important for people to be able [sic] to feel welcome and safe online, compared with 45% who [favor] people to be able to speak their minds freely online."
Research from Pew shows really significant shifts in the way Democrats and Republicans view freedom of expression on the internet over the past three years - h/t