Useful discussion of COVID dynamics internationallly:
Hotspots of resurgent Covid erode faith in ‘herd immunity’
Hard ontwaken voor diegenen die nog altijd zouden geloven in groepsimmuniteit: analyse in The Financial Times: "Hotspots of resurgent #Covid erode faith in ‘herd immunity’: places that were hit hardest in the spring are suffering the most in the autumn."
...Mr Virgilio, the mayor, added: “I want immunity to come from a vaccine. Not from the herd.”... Interesting read.
segregation, isolation, can keep the affluent safe, but the virus awaits if they imagine “herd immunity” has set them free. if societies are socially segmented, whatever population immunity has been achieved in other segments won’t protect u in yours from
Hotspots of resurgent Covid erode faith in ‘herd immunity’ 🦠
This is not a good argument vis-a-vis "partial" (incremental) herd immunity effects. Even ignoring potential confounds between regions (e.g., density, climate, immigration within cities), this is a poor proxy for differences in growth rates.