“Pence is not just the great enabler of Trump’s awfulness, but the man who puts a godly sheen on it. In that sense, he’s more dangerous, and arguably more evil, than Trump.” #ColorofCompromise #MikePence #Debate2020
“And when historians go looking for answers as to how this country could go so bad so quickly, they will find all they need in the words of the 45th president’s chief enabler and collaborator.” via
"Pence is the one to say, Gosh and gee willikers, he doesn’t really mean this stuff. He’s cleanup on the aisle of atrocities at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." — on complicity, and why the focus on Trump only tells us so much
What Makes Mike Pence’s Complicity So Chilling. The vice president will be remembered as the great enabler.
I find the whole “complicity” discourse to be puzzling.
A Very Small Box. 'Somewhere under the cornfields and backyard hoop courts of Indiana is a small black box holding the conscience of Vice President Mike Pence.' Timothy Egan @13WJM