Dear Twitter: It's a lot less complicated to just allow free speech. And you'd save big money by eliminating your hall-monitor employees.
Our goal is to continue to provide access to critical information and encourage participation in the conversation during #Election2020. For more details on these updates
🧵 Thread 👇🏽 As we head into #Election2020, this morning we announced some important updates to our policy and to the product experience which you can read about in detail here
Additional steps we're taking ahead of the 2020 US Election and on election night - New prompts and more warnings on misleading Tweets; encouraging greater consideration before amplifying Tweets; adding context to Trends and reducing recommendations.
A higher bar for influential people is genuinely genuinely smart. Why should your uncle with 5 Twitter followers be subject to the same rules as a celebrity with millions of followers?
Twitter has started its "quote retweet by default" feature (), encouraging people to consider things before retweeting. FYI if you still want to retweet normally, you can just leave the text block blank.
* People on Twitter … may not claim an election win before it is authoritatively called. * Tweets meant to incite interference with the election process … will be subject to removal. * New prompts, more warnings, & limits on retweeting misleading Tweets
Some very positive & much-welcomed steps taken by Twitter regarding disinformation from politicians, among other items. The new measures sound sensible to me: no premature victory declarations, notices to people potentially amplifying disinformation, etc.
Twitter policy post here
This work represents a breakthrough for the health of the Twitter ecosystem. The approaches outlined here will reverberate long after the election and raise the bar for all other platforms going forward. Kudos to and team.
Glad to see Twitter will finally have some context on all those subtweets! #Election2020 #TrendingTopics
Twitter statement: Additional steps we're taking ahead of the 2020 US Election