I wish people would link to the original. I spent a lot of time working on it, making it interactive, explaining my sources, etc... instead of sharing a screen grab that edits out my name and half the states.
People say I should break my 12-year Twitter hiatus to share my latest animated COVID chart. It compares state cases factoring in partisanship since June 1, when science had proven methodology as to how to stop the spread after the initial sucker punch.
This video shows how many #COVID19 cases (per capita) appeared in Republican and Democratic States in the months following the completion of our project. Full details available at:
(PS3) I saw this visualization on the feed of , but it was originally done by Dan Goodspeed (), who per his personal website doesn't seem to be on Twitter. Here's where the visualization seems to have first been posted:
Anyone seen this? Mesmerizing. COVID Cases since June by state partisanship
Hey that's an out-of-date screen-grab of my chart with my name and links cut out, as well as the toggle to see the states with the fewest cases. You can see the current interactive chart here
🚨Color of COVID19🚨 clearly Partisan: Red or Blue. Perhaps obvious and familiar now, but graphics very compelling 👇🏼
Governance matters. Exhibit A.
Hi , I enjoy listening to you on TWiT. I would appreciate if you link to my original chart with up-to-date data, sources, all 50 states, etc. I work hard on it and the video screen grab just edits a lot of important stuff out.
Yes, #COVID19 is now a red state crisis. Is that really any surprise? #DenialIsDeadly #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlueDownBallot
One of my favorite examples of 'strong correlation'... ever: I wonder what sort of causal explanations could account for correlation to this extent. Maybe it's just a coincidence... I doubt it, but maybe.
8/ With <3 weeks to the election, it’s impossible to sidestep the political context; it’s completely intertwined w/ the Covid response. This astounding #dataviz shows how recent surges are mostly in red states, vs. the early surges, which were in blue ones
When science is politicized
I give you the GOP's dismal record on COVID-19, in one dynamic chart.
This visualization is amazing!!! #covid #politics #science
Intriguing COVID graphic. Watch the red states gradually rise to the top of the chart as the pandemic progresses. #MaskUp
Evolution of COVID cases per capita across blue/red states. Interpret as you see fit, but A+ for data visualization.
Democrats! Save yourselves! Move out of Republican-governed states before it is too late! #RepublicansVirus #Democrats
COVID cases since June (Total cases per million since June 1, 2020) Notated by "states' political affiliations, using the Cook Partisan Voting Index" #COVID19
COVID cases since June (Total cases per million since June 1, 2020) Notated by "states' political affiliations, using the Cook Partisan Voting Index" #COVID19
Policy matters. An impressive bar graph race between US states.