Misuse of a rapid antigen test for to assert he is not infectious (Abbott BinaxNOW) w/ 20 days per d/t covid pneumonia would be the right safe path
Remarkable: Regeneron said it has enough doses to treat 50,000 patients. On Saturday alone, there were more than 51,000 new #COVID19 infections reported in the United States.
“This kind of event epitomizes why vaccine development can’t be influenced by artificial timelines such as an election," said one expert Re: J&J pausing its vaccine trial.
President Trump has tested negative “on consecutive days” using the BinaxNOW, acc to the WH doc Sean Conley thanks and for rapid comment on the rapid test
On Regeneron's drug: There is not nearly enough of the drug Trump called a “cure” and promised to distribute free to Americans who might need it, the CEO of Regeneron said. “We have to figure out ways to ration this,” he said.
Sorry, I’m going to be a little sassy. If you repeat for months that antigen tests are a “test of infectiousness,” you can’t turn around and be surprised or upset when someone concludes that a negative test means they’re NOT infectious. We warned you.
Confirming reporting from , J&J has paused their Phase 3 vaccine trial
"Doctors said it was somewhat reassuring that Mr. Trump had tested negative more than once, but said that without more details from the more sensitive P.C.R. tests, it was impossible to be sure that he was past the point of infectiousness."
“There is no justification to jeopardize the health and safety of faculty, staff and students by radically increasing” face-to-face teaching, Paul Ortiz, a history professor and head of the faculty union, said in an email.
UF at the NYT, and not for good reasons
A Chinese city plans to test 9.5 million people but somehow the U.S. Senate can't figure out how to test 100
Fauci said Trump campaign is harassing him.
9.5m tests in a city might not stop the virus spread but is at least a serious effort to try.
9.5m tests in a city might not stop the virus spread but is at least a serious effort to try.
U of Florida spring plans