COVID Misinformation Is Killing People This “infodemic” has to stop
Calling all #scientists to join efforts to fight #misinformation following examples of👇🏾working tirelessly Misinformation Is Killing People via
Misinformation in the era of #COVID19: "...spread by elements of the media, by public leaders & by individuals with large social media platforms has contributed to a disproportionately large share of COVID-19 burden..." Practical tips to combat this
During the Ebola epidemic, some of my students snickered at the naivete of West African villagers believing the outrageous myths being shared about that disease. Same goes for HIV/AIDS. (Remember the virgin cure?) We are no better. Misinformation is deadly
#COVID19 Misinformation Is Killing People. This #infodemic has to stop, by via #scicomm #RiskCommunication
Misinformation is killing people: This “infodemic” has to stop! #Infodemic #PublicHealth #SocialMedia #Media #Misinfomation #COVID19
COVID Misinformation Is Killing People: This “infodemic” has to stop via
1/n* This, by in , is fully right, & yet it's wrong. Cue a million #scicomm people repeating the same message, yet left wondering why it doesn't seem to sway much. More on this all, & my objections, in detail later. ___ * Thread later