#bropenscience is broken science… and ask how open ‘open science’ really is.
#bropenscience is broken science and ask how open ‘open science’ really is
"#bropenscience is a tongue-in-cheek expression but also has a serious side, shedding light on the narrow demographics and off-putting behavioural patterns seen in open science."
As somebody who only has a job because of open science, who only cares to do science because of open science, and has previously felt quite stung by the #bropenscience hashtag, I enjoyed reading this clear summary of the critique the hashtag represents.
Really interesting piece by on #Bropenscience "It offers brittle and even hostile solutions and chastises those who do not follow them to the letter."
How "open" do you think open science is? This article by and is a must read -- an excellent breakdown of some of the issues underlying the open science movement and what can be done to remedy them
Every time I have an article come out, I get sick. So I'm super sorry, but you have HAVE to bear with me because I wanna say more on this, but (in the meantime) please give it a read — it's short!
🔥”There is no open science if science is not open to all.”🔥 Much needed conversation starter about diversity and inclusion in open scholarship from and
Hello #OpenScience -Community - we're invited to discuss inclusion. & : A fitting preparation for the upcoming world #OAWeek 2020 and its focus on building structural equity and inclusion
Thought provoking, including for documentary linguistics. We need to keep an open mind about the risk that open science could recreate exclusionary spaces #bropenscience is broken science - The Psychologist via
Inspired by and , adding a 5th point to this talk re: #bropenscience. Edits in progress (note the blank slide) but directly drawn from
"Cultural contexts perpetuate structural racism, ableism, sexism, cissexism, heterosexism, classism and linguicism. #bropenscience draws attention to these biases within the context of open science, and it makes people feel uncomfortable"
I've got a keynote this weekend with on #opencomm and open scholarship, and I came across this editorial on #bropenscience from and . 101% must read, and I'll have to work this into my remarks
How open is "open science", and can you recognise when it is broken - thoughtful piece from &
“Any initiative, technical or otherwise, can benefit from reflection on how understandable, reusable and inclusive their project is. Leaders in any community can reflect on whether their work is open by default, or open by design.”
High recommend this article about the 'bro' culture in open science: “#bropenscience is broken science”
"Ultimately, the only way to dismantle structural and systemic biases is to listen to those who experience them." - and 👏
How do some approaches to open research end up excluding those they ought to be enabling? How can we fix this? Must-read article from the wonderful and
Glad to see my anecdotal observations are shared...How open is 'open science'? #bropenscience is broken science - The Psychologist via
Most read author this month so far is 👍🏻 with - Towards decolonising computational sciences () by and - #bropenscience is broken science () by and
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This is an interesting article. Anecdotally, I've seen way more of the behavior listed here from the sorts of people who *use* the term "bropen science." But it probably depends a lot on your social networks, who your Twitter 'friends' are, etc.
#bropenscience is broken science
#bropenscience is broken science