Treating herd immunity as an option is ridiculous because it violates principles of biomedical ethics. Could we REALLY tolerate 1.2 million deaths in a short period of time; MILLIONS more with unknown complications?
Oh this is real fucking scary and bad
The White House is reportedly embracing a herd-immunity approach focused on “protecting the elderly and the vulnerable” just a few weeks after it failed to protect a 74-year-old with multiple comorbidities.
Promoting fake herd immunity concepts and other forms of weaponized science communication/disinformation will damage global public health, and maybe degenerate further into human rights violations.
What happens when you have no plan? You failed. You embrace the "Focused Protection" "Great Barrington" herd immunity plan. To see if you can hurt more people. by by <-ahead of the curve
Speechless. I will out myself as having reviewed some of the papers by this group of modelers at various journals. My comment was, and remains, that they do not provide an appropriate scientific basis for policymaking. This will harm many people.
Death cult in action. Stay safe, people. This regime is fine with letting you die.
Holocaust 2.0: Trump White House embraces "herd immunity" rather than basic public health measures to control #COVID19, which will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, particularly BIPOC, the poor, the elderly, and disabled folks.
NEW from : Eli Lilly has paused its antibody trial due to "potential safety concerns"
This is a cautionary tale. “White House Embraces ‘Herd Immunity’ Declaration”
Never in my worst nightmares did I think Trump would actually endorse the utterly grotesque, inhumane policy of letting the virus rip through the population, killing & disabling millions & further destroying the fabric of American life. He is a monster.
on Monday, the White House apparently convened a call with reporters in which two anonymous senior administration officials, who were "not authorized to give their names," voiced support for the Great Barrington Declaration
Breaking News: A U.S. government-sponsored clinical trial for a Covid-19 antibody treatment was paused because of a “potential safety concern,” a day after a vaccine trial was paused after a volunteer fell ill.
Uncontrolled coronavirus outbreaks in the U.S. Midwest and Mountain West have strained hospitals. Sixteen states each added more new cases in the seven-day period ending Monday than they had in any other weeklong stretch of the pandemic.
Surprising that Lilly's monoclonal antibody has a safety concern to pause trials, as the safety issue has not manifest in their program or Regeneron's previously. Hopefully a brief pause and we'll get details quickly. Good to be cautious.
"White House Embraces Covid-19 ‘Herd Immunity’ Declaration" I thought I might comment this is policy-based evidence-making, but there's not any evidence to speak of in the declaration.
85 to 90 percent of the American population is still susceptible to the coronavirus. Deaths will soar into the 100s of thousands and beyond. Infection ≠ immunity. Herd immunity is the **wrong term.** This is a strategy based on nonconsensual genocide.
You don't need an MPH to see why the herd immunity plan is immoral. Use basic math: ◼︎ 10-15% of the U.S. infected (current estimate) → 215,000 deaths ◼︎ 60-80% infected (e.g. herd immunity) → 4 to 8x more deaths = 860,000 to 1,720,000 deaths
A trial of Eli Lilly's antibody treatment in hospitalized patients has been paused over potential safety concerns
I want to commend for use of patient-centered respectful language. Such a pleasure to see “people hospitalized with #COVID19,” not “COVID pts” & “trial volunteers,” not “subjects.” 🙌
I guess you could see this coming... Not long after Trump survived covid, the White House goes all in on here immunity, effectively shrugging it's shoulders at the idea of infecting millions and killing thousands more.
Having failed they are now going to claim that surrender is success
It's been clear for months: Trump's plan is for you to get sick. With a virus that can cause longterm heart, lung, and brain problems.
Clinical trial of Lilly's monoclonal antibody is on pause because of "safety concerns." This isn't the one the Prez got, but similar
Lots of news in the research front with the ⁦⁩ vaccine and ⁦⁩ monoclonal antibody study both paused but this is GOOD. Research is working well when safety concerns cause a pause via
New York Times also reporting the pause of the Eli Lilly antibody trial. Worth noting that such pauses are not out of the ordinary.
Second #COVID19 vaccine trial this week on hold. As I’ve said before (as a former data safety monitoring committee member and chair) this is not terribly unusual. Evidence the process is working to protect safety above all. #vaccines
The dumbest thing I’ve read recently: “Covid-19 Live Updates: White House Embraces ‘Herd Immunity’ Declaration”
I’m just not sure that opting for mass death is going to help Trump’s poll numbers.
The White House is willing to let 2M Americans die because they won’t wait for a vaccine. That’s what herd immunity could cost. It’s time to vote.
#COVID19 -19 Eli Lilly Antibody Trial Paused Over Potential Safety Concerns
Covid-19 Live Updates: Latest News - The New York Times May we continue to be cautious.