Not a good look for Moderna's top doctor. & report that Tal Zaks has earned more than $50M in stock Moderna stock sales since the start of the #Covid19 pandemic.
Selling stock like clockwork, $MRNA top doctor gets $1 million richer every week and I examine insider sales of Tal Zaks. #COVID19
EXCLUSIVE: Selling stock like clockwork, Moderna’s top doctor gets $1 million richer every week. One corporate governance expert tells : “It’s atrocious.” via
“When I complain about stock sales by insiders, they always say, ‘Oh, their kids are going to college. They have liquidity concerns.’ Give me a break,” said ⁦⁩ of $MRNA. “It’s impossible for me to imagine any legitimate reason for this.”
Talk about cashing on on a crisis. exec has made $50 million selling stock at prices inflated by $2.5 billion in taxpayer vaccine funding. It's a pandemic payday for drug corps & rich execs at taxpayer expense.
One pet peeve here is that critics quoted in these stories never offer a palatable alternative. “I would be ok if they sold stock at _______ (this time).” The reality is that no scenario of executives making money would ever make them happy.