Last January, a caravan of Honduran migrants crossed into Guatemala, headed for the U.S. To stop its progress, CBP agents stationed in Guatemala rented vans, arrested the migrants and drove them back to Honduras. Story W/
NEW: uncovered an unlawful immigration operation in Guatemala prohibited by needs to answer for this abuse. US foreign policy toward Central America must respect human rights & address root causes of migration.
In an unauthorized operation, US immigration agents helped carry out in deportations from Guatemala to Honduras. "The episode is the first in which U.S. agents were known to be involved in the physical deportation of migrants from a foreign country."
CBP agents in Guatemala on a 'training mission' rounded up hundreds of people and returned them to Honduras in January, in an unauthorized operation
Dems on the Foreign Relations Committee say that several hundred US-bound immigrants were rounded up in Guatemala and returned to Honduras by CBP agents in an unauthorized operation, violating US-imposed limits on enforcement ops abroad. via