Libertarian activists in Grafton, New Hampshire, tried to create a Randian paradise where the private sector replaced public services. Then came the bears.
one of the only pure pleasures I've had these past months was reviewing this truly delightful book - at once hilarious and dark - about bears and libertarians in New Hampshire for . check it out!
There is no clear answer for why the black bears in Grafton, New Hampshire, were so uniquely aggressive and bold. But one thing is clear: The libertarian social experiment underway in the city was uniquely incapable of dealing with the problem.
i'd like to share this very important article about a failed libertarian community project that was invaded by an army of bears
Libertarianism can't actually deal with bears, and there are wider lessons to be learned
Exactly one of you contacted me to make sure I had seen this. The rest of you are FIRED.
"Left alone, they believed, free individuals would thrive and self-regulate, thanks to the sheer force of “logic,” “reason,” and efficiency."
. reviews “A Libertarian Walks Into a Bear,” the strange and politically instructive story of a libertarian town in New Hampshire that was overrun by bears
A case study in how a politics that fetishizes the pursuit of “freedom,” both individual and economic, is in fact a recipe for impoverishment and supercharged vulnerability on both fronts at once.
"No one wants bears in their backyard, but apparently no one wants to invest sustainably in institutions doing the unglamorous work to keep them out either." Friday read: A tale of a libertarian beartopia
The Town That Went Feral | The New Republic
"These are animals that can scent food seven times farther than a trained bloodhound, that can flip 300-pound stones with ease, and that can, when necessary, run in bursts of speed rivaling a deer’s."
And this is why I’m not libertarian
Good material for a possible sequel to your Galt book.
Come for the Freedom, stay for the bear attacks
this is crazy
Happy to report I haven't run into any bears in NH yet. Still, this review serves as a poignant reminder that "Live Free Or Die" does not have to mean abolishing all institutional solutions for collective action problems and commons management.
Libertarians and the bears
The Town That Went Feral | The New Republic (definitely bears reading - less than 2 hours from Boston)
It gets even better: "If a grizzly bear, YES, DO PLAY DEAD. After a few attempts to flip you over (no one said this would be easy), the bear will, most likely, leave. If a black bear, NO, DO NOT PLAY DEAD, but flee or fight it off, 700 psi-jaws & all"