⭕️ Global Citizens have joined the global fight to ensure #JusticeForAll — learn what justice means to them by following #GlobalWeekForJustice events, hosted by 👇
As part of #GlobalWeekforJustice, Justice Canada and international partners are hosting a number of virtual events. Register to listen to these important conversations and learn more here: #JusticeForAll
During Global Week for Justice, Oct. 19 - 24, the global justice community will convene virtually for a series of dialogues, brainstorms, and round tables to explore practical steps to transform how we do justice. Learn more and join us! #JusticeForAll
Justice systems and justice workers are on the frontline of the response to #COVID19. #GlobalWeekForJustice features opportunities for them to exchange knowledge and lessons learned on how they are working to ensure equal access to #JusticeForAll. Join us