Six feet is not enough. Now at 44 primary cases + 17 secondary. The gym did health screening, cleaning, masks before and after class, 50% capacity, and 6' around each bike. NOTHING ABOUT VENTILATION.
WORRISOME OUTBREAK—this one Canadian gym did almost everything right—6 feet apart, symptom screenings, cleaning, 50% capacity, masks before and after class. But no air ventilation improvement. Now an outbreak of 61 primary and secondary #COVID19 cases. 🧵
All the hygiene theater in the world is not going to stop an outbreak if you put dozens of people on spin bikes in a closed room. Six feet does not make a lick of difference there, neither does laundering the towels quickly, neither does temperature checks
Patient zero displayed no symptoms: One client in one spin studio triggers an outbreak of 61 cases - CNN
Sure they followed all the measures -- but they also filled a spinning studio with heavy breathing, sweaty people...
Hmmm...indoor vigorous exercise, closed space, group activity = (all together, now)...
I’ve been sticking to my guns as a Trump critics, but honestly the Covid response throughout the west is just rotten.
Un client d'une salle de gym qui a suivi toutes les règles déclenche une contamination d'au moins 61 cas
When "all the rules" are wrong: indoor unmasked & untested groups engaged in singing, shouting or panting should be barred. "A spin studio that public health officials say followed all Covid-19 protocols is now reporting 61 positive cases of Covid-19"