We’re delighted to announce the findings of our work to rate the World University Rankings against community-developed criteria. Read more on our blog post which includes a link to the qualitative and quantitative data.
Rethinking the Rankings
Looking forward to reading about the INORMS university ranking analysis in - this is a really essential piece of work for the whole HE sector.
Most university rankings are bunk. Great to see this shown comprehensively! "We were looking for rigorous methods, no ‘sloppy’ surveys, validity, sensitivity and honesty about uncertainty". , QS, and US News did worst in this section.
shares details about the initial findings of the 's efforts to rate the World University Rankings.
Excellent reflective post from and Richard Holmes on the SCOOPE project examining university rankings, . Punched the air reading one of the last paragraphs:
And the University Ranking Rankings (sort of) report is now out! thanks to and the too many numerous others who have worked on this. (My) Summary: the highest profile university rankings are least good
Interesting comparative evaluation of the major university ranking approaches > Rethinking the rankings – ARMA
RATING rankings - Lizzie Gadd and Richard Holmes share the initial findings of the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group’s efforts to rate the World University Rankings NOTE 100% on each indicator is just *acceptable*, not a goal.