“the most consistent predictor of decreased susceptibility to misinformation about Covid-19 was numerical literacy” - great study (COI, by my colleagues) Data literacy is vital
New study : Susceptibility to misinformation about #COVID19 around the world led by the brilliant . Clear link between misinfo & vaccine hesitancy. Trust in science & better numerical reasoning protect against fake news. Thread 1/5
Some people fall for misinformation about the pandemic and endanger themselves and others. Why? What’s different about these people? This new study looked into this question: Numeracy matters for public health.
National samples in 5 nations reveals that numeracy + trust in scientists are the most reliable predictors of belief in COVID-19 misinformation across all countries. Factors like age, gender, education & political ideology were not consistent predictors.
#Covid19 "higher trust in scientists and having higher numeracy skills were associated with lower susceptibility to coronavirus-related misinformation" #PopHealthLab #monitoring #surveillance Source:
This paper finds that getting information from the WHO predicts not falling for covid misinformation, and they measure belief in covid misinformation by comparing participant beliefs to the WHO website, which seems a bit circular.
Heightened susceptibility to misinformation linked to reduced mask wearing and social distancing
Susceptibility to misinformation about COVID-19 around the world via et al
Female risk aversion of about equal effect size to being "misinformed" for being okay with getting COVID vaccine. Keep this stuff in mind whenever you hear some feminist bitch about lack of medical trials on women. Women don't want to participate in them
Susceptibility to misinformation about COVID-19 around the world | Royal Society Open Science
Argh, broken link above. This is the paper in question
Nice reminder how susceptibility to misinformation is a latent/fundamental characteristic that manifests for specific issues/topics. Forces thinking about broader interventions including ones focused on building trust in science. #covid19 #medsoc
Susceptibility to misinformation about COVID-19 around the world