With this decision, NBC has rewarded Trump for torpedoing the second debate, created dueling spectacles for voters, and simply looked past the fact that its reporters never got an answer to: when was the president's last negative test before he got COVID?
The cynicism of NBC execs, who gave us The Apprentice and thus this President, is stunning and shameful. ABC should call their bluff and move Biden so he talks after Trump.
The Trump NBC town hall for Thursday is ON – and it will air at exactly the same time as Biden is speaking on ABC
NBC wanted outside (non-Conley) proof of Trump's medical condition. Per the network, the NIH "collected & analyzed" a PCR test on Tuesday and concluded he is "not shedding infectious virus." NBC did not explicitly say the PCR test was negative.
MORE on the NIH (via NBC) readout on Trump's health: Dr. Fauci tells that Dr. Conley provided the info he assessed: “We were just given the data & we made a determination from the data." Fauci is highly confident Trump is not transmissible
Breaking News: President Trump will conduct a town-hall-style event Thursday on NBC, competing with Joe Biden’s ABC event on the night the men were to debate.
The truest thing Donald Trump has ever said is that news networks may say they hate him but in reality they love the ratings he brings and will do anything to keep him happy
Look for Trump to claim a big ratings victory over Biden after their concurrent town halls on Thursday. The way ratings work, it's basically guaranteed. Trump's on NBC, MSNBC & CNBC; Biden only on ABC. Nielsen ratings don't include streaming.
WTF, and ? Do ratings matter more to you than being used as a propaganda outlet for ? I mean, hell, you even backed down on requiring independent confirmation that Trump has tested negative for #COVID19.
So, Trump refuses Covid safety protocols, throws a tantrum, and refuses to debate Biden and NBC rewards him for it. Cool.
First mention of Trump's CT value: "Mr. Trump’s P.C.R. test had a cycle threshold — a proxy for viral load — of 34.3, Dr. Fauci said. According to data provided by [CDC], people with a threshold over 33 carry little to no live virus."
“NBC Says Trump Will Hold Town Hall Meeting Thursday, Competing Against Biden,” ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
How does dueling town halls serve the public good? ABC execs really abrogating their duty in order to get eyeballs
ABC should change time of Biden Town Hall to follow Trump on NBC.
Pathetic, NBC. Instead of a debate, where Americans get to hear both candidates answer the same questions, now we have a forced choice because of the network's decision to air Trump's competing town hall. Voters are poorly served.
Parallel play as a substitute for debate. NBC lending legitimacy to a partisan ploy. NBC Faces Blowback Over Trump Town Hall Competing With Biden