In the wild, animals live in continual life-defining fear If, as most people suspect, animals have corresponding qualia, our long-run duty isn't to restore fear but to abolish the wild—or to control it in tremendous detail, way beyond present technology.
This is an outstanding documentary about the nexus of conservation, rewilding, and ecological science. And they do such a good job with the science, which is where so many nature docs drop the ball. Very impressive. Stream for free at
Can bringing predators—and fear—back into an ecosystem help restore its natural balance? Featuring #PrincetonU's and Corina Tarnita, TUNE IN to "Nature's Fear Factor" on Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. on to find out:
A recent episode of , "Nature's Fear Factor," featured YSE professor Os Schmitz, who discussed his research at Yale Myers Forest that investigates how fear works in predator-prey interactions. Watch the full episode: