I wrote about losing my mom during the pandemic, the love & support I received from friends, and why socially distanced grieving doesn't have to mean grieving alone for
"One of the cruelest realities of this pandemic is that it has deprived so many of us the opportunity to grieve in the most familiar, instinctive ways." - the compounded hurt in not being able sit in silence/or just cry in human company.
“With grief on this massive scale, we move through periods of time when we can function and periods when we can’t...Try to honestly recognize where you are...and then let people know where you’re at, and ask where they’re at.”
"She believed in me so fiercely that I still feel her love and faith in the active, present tense, even though she is far beyond my reach." Having just experienced the loss of my brave mother-in-law, I feel this deeply.