One idea: make the MMWR and other CDC publications protected national statistical products. This would make meddling with them illegal, as it is for labor statistics.
It takes a village to address the amount of blatantly false info during this pandemic Trust in science & public health has never been more important Grateful to be included in this piece with
Posted just before the White House’s embrace of a “herd immunity” strategy — my piece for on the politicization of science in the era of #COVID19
I spoke with about pandemic politicization & the harm it causes. Honored to be among so many great thinkers & scientists who I respect & admire: , , , ,
Bravo ! Poignant comment from : “Even for highly educated in upper echelons of govt, “there’re scientific literacy issues... People are uncomfortable talking about it, then scientists are sometimes bad at communicating” #SciComm
Science, Society, and Security: Politicization in the Age of COVID-19 | Harvard Political Review