“Literally, we are the only Black couple in the waiting room. You look at the photos of the babies on the wall and don’t see any melanin anywhere, not even a speck.” - Read story by here ➡️ Photos by
"L’Oreal Thompson Payton had a five-year-plan. Married at 27, she wanted to start having kids after she turned 30. ...But the baby never came." writes on the barriers facing Black patients dealing w infertility Photo by
I learned so much writing this story, so a🧵The pain of these women is compounded by the legacy of racist stereotypes about Black women, sexuality, and fertility that date back to times of slavery when women were valued by how much they could breed.
. writes: "Studies suggest that Black women may be twice as likely as white women to have fertility problems but are far less likely to seek or receive infertility treatment.'' via