Coronavirus cases are surging in Europe — but less so in Germany. Why? Turns out the Germans had a simple innovation: following the science, not denying it. My latest
“How is Germany doing with #Covid19? Better than its European neighbors so far.” All countries can turn their situation around. All. We can do this together. ⁦⁦ We are doing this together. We are in this together. ⁦
Berlin having a 90%+ contact tracing rate has to be a part of the reason Germany is doing so well
1️⃣ The power of luck. 2️⃣ The power of learning. 3️⃣ The power of local responses. 4️⃣ The power of listening to science. 👉 Four reasons why Germany is faring so much better. 🇩🇪 #covid19vic #COVID
In Germany, following science—not denying it—has helped the country effectively control the virus and save lives.
How did Germany keep its Covid-19 rate below its neighbors? Germans listened to their scientists. They learned from other countries. They let local governments customize their responses. They got lucky.
"There’s one other that sets Germany apart. It’s the most straightforward of them all — but it’s certainly not being done in many countries,... From the moment the coronavirus arrived in Germany, authorities have been good about listening to scientists"
Germany has had a relatively strong #coronavirus response so far. Here's what the country is getting right: —A localized response —Authorities listening to scientists —Learning and acting quickly on new knowledge —Luck
This is a lie. US on par with Brazil in C19 cases & deaths. 4% of world's pop'n & 25% of cases. Meanwhile, S Korea & Germany doing exponentially better? Why? Masks, contact tracing, testing, social distancing, healthcare, experts - you're no expert.
.'s latest is a terrifically insightful piece on why Germany is managing #Covid19 better than its neighbors. Spoiler: the credit doesn't actually really go to Angela Merkel.
Localized response, respect for science, trust in authority, good testing & contact tracing: these are some of the lessons from Germany's #COVID19 success so far. Excellent article.
"The 4 simple reasons Germany is managing Covid-19 better than its neighbors" Belluz hat sich die Covid-19 Maßnahmen in Deutschland angeschaut: Hoffen wir, dass wir die Lektionen in der nächsten Phase der Pandemie nicht vergessen haben.
One thing is terribly wrong with this article: nothing is simple, and breaking it down to only 4 factors misses the level of complexity of a COVID public health response. However, agreed; these 4 factors certainly contribute to the success to date.
4 reasons Germany is managing Covid-19 better than others : Localized response, respect for science, trust in authority, good testing & contact tracing
From the article: But the big picture, Wendtner says, is that the public trusted German politicians “because they didn’t lie in the beginning and [they] built up trust,” following science, not denying it. #COVID19
Here's Vox praising Germany for taking a decentralized approach to Covid: But of course that’s exactly what we did as well. 
The true reasons for Germany's coronavirus success don't fit the narrative we're telling about Germany here, reports . But there's still a lot to learn from them
The 4 simple reasons Germany🇩🇪 is managing #Covid19 better than its neighbors: #1, they follow the science, by via #GlobalHealth
We don't like to acknowledge it but *luck* 🧧 has certainly played a role in how countries fare when it comes to #Covid19
There are examples of many countries around the world — with different political systems, resource levels, and geographies — doing these things successfully. Here's one from Europe: There places will likely get thru the new wave better than neighbors.
Coronavirus is surging in Europe — but less so in Germany. Here’s why. via
While some of Germany's good pandemic performance can be attributed to luck, they also stand out in Europe for having used the first lock down to build systems that will probably help them weather this new wave better than neighbors. Here's my story
The 4 simple reasons Germany is managing Covid-19 better than its neighbors via
We should be doing so much better on COVID.
A belief in science, willingness to learn & adapt, fast-acting states, a little luck, effective contract tracing, and a Prime Minister with a PhD (vs. one with the mental capacity of a sloth). via
One can’t throw their hands up and say it won’t work here because “democracy”. Plenty of democracies have done well. In Germany: testing, contact tracing, hospital surge capacity, empowered regions with national support all implemented to good effect.