#MTsen: Bullock (D) 49% (+2) Daines (R-inc) 47% Montana State University 9/14-10/2
A Montana poll! By MSU: Steve Bullock (D) leads GOP Sen. Daines 49-47. In the same sample, the GOP leads the presidential race by 7%, the Gov race by 5%, and the U.S. House race by 2%. A tight state Montana is!
A ton of interesting stuff happening Montana per this MSU poll -Bullock and Daines in deadlock for Senate race -House race is close -Trump is only up 7 -State about to legalize marijuana
Montana poll: Montana State University PRESIDENTIAL Trump (R) 51% Biden (D) 44% SENATE Bullock (D) 49% Daines (R) 47% HOUSE Rosendale (R) 48% Williams (D) 46%
Treasure State Poll Results: US Senate Bullock 49, Daines 47, MOE: +/- 3.9 Press Release here: Results here: #mtpol #mtsen