A really good summary of the genomics of #SARSCoV2 documented reinfections by , and why it's very encouraging. They're VERY rare + Agree that vaccine immunity may be more protective than natural—there are many examples of that
"We’re not seeing a trend for viral evolution in directions that could increase re-infection or evade the antibodies that are raised by the existing vaccine candidates. " does a deep dive into #Covid19 reinfections. He's not worried.
Thoughts on the coronavirus re-infection cases and what they mean as we head towards vaccination. The news is actually pretty encouraging
"re-infection is a very rare event. The confirmed examples worldwide could possibly be counted on your fingers (depending on whose count you believe) out of at least 38 million total cases."
Confirmed covid reinfection = basically around 1 in a million
Immunity and Re-Infection | In the Pipeline