Proud to be a signatory of the #JohnSnowMemorandum. This statement, out now in , is the scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic directly refutes the Great Barrington Declaration proposal of "focused protection" as a route to herd immunity.
The John Snow Memorandum- the scientific consensus on COVID-19 just out in . We must control the virus to protect our society & economy- we can't be distracted by pseudoscience. Please sign the memo to join the call to action. #JohnSnowMemo
Sign the #JohnSnowMemo to support control of COVID-19 rather than uncontrolled "herd" approach
Excellent, clear statement on why the idea of herd immunity and protecting the vulnerable while allowing infections to spread is a false and dangerous proposal. I've signed and encourage others to as well.
Still think herd immunity is a good idea? We've set out in detail why it is unethical, impossible, and an all round bad idea in More details at #JohnSnowMemo
Check out the #JohnSnowMemo An actual declaration, signed by scientists (including me), who have published in peer-reviewed journals, who have no financial backing from vested interests, and seek to align public health goals with economic and social ones.
Today, more than 80 scientists, including me, warned in that trying to obtain #herdimmunity via natural infection is a "dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence." Read more here: Sign the #JohnSnowMemo:
“A dangerous fallacy unsupported by the scientific evidence” Why 80+ researchers incl. me warn against a so-called #herdimmunity approach for #COVID19 #SARSCoV2, published in & our website to sign: #JohnSnowMemorandum
Pleased to sign and support the #JohnSnowMemorandum. Controlling the virus is in our collective power, saving lives and the economy.
Note that the #JohnSnowMemo can be signed here.
An important piece by on the dangers of 'herd immunity by natural infection'. Controlling COVID-19 is the only way to protect our society & economy. Join the call to action by signing the #JohnSnowMemo
Really proud to have had the opportunity to sign the John Snow Declaration: there is indeed international expert consensus on the way forward on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. [Spoiler: it doesn't involve magical notions of infection-derived herd immunity].
"We don't control the infection by letting it run rampant through the population causing misery, suffering & death" The amazing , on why he signed the #JohnSnowMemo - at the BBC today. Pl sign the #JohnSnowMemo at
Dear #epitwitter, Please consider joining us in signing the THE JOHN SNOW MEMORANDUM
Our open letter is now signed by >4,800 scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals. The message is clear: If we don’t protect everyone, we protect no one! #JohnSnowMemorandum
We need a robust science-driven public health response to COVID-19 urgently. The scientific consensus signed by >2000 scientists & health professionals across the world published in is here: Please sign & RT to support: #JohnSnowMemo
If you want to sign the #JohnSnowMemo you can do so at
Thanks to and the thousands of other researchers and medics who have signed the #JohnSnowMemo
I am just going to retweet Dr. Rasmussen's tweet. I signed as well. As I have stated earlier: "Community immunity via natural infection is not a strategy, its a sign that a government failed to control an outbreak and is paying for that in lives lost."
There’s no room for doomerism and defeatism in pandemic response - and no scientific support for a strategy that accepts millions more deaths. I’m proud to have been a signatory on this Lancet piece, and now, you can raise your voice too:
Thanks to everyone who’s supported the #JohnSnowMemo so far. Now over 1,000 signatures from researchers & medics around the world - all being added to the letter after a process of verification to avoid any Dr Barney Bananas.
The 'John Snow Memorandum' sets out a strong international medical and scientific consensus view of how #COVID19 should be tackled and defeated. I've signed
If you're a scientist, medic, researcher, modeller, healthcare or public health professional & would like to support this open letter, you can add your signature on this website
You can sign onto the John Snow Memo here
I signed the John Snow Memorandum The #JohnSnowMemo explains that early lockdowns were instituted to reduce spread/deaths avoid healthcare collapse set up the pandemic control systems that are our best bet for a healthy economy until a vaccine arrives
4000 signatures and growing on the John Snow Memorandum- the scientific consensus on COVID-19 published in calling for urgent evidence-drive public health policy. Disinformation kills. Let's get the facts out. Pl. RT and sign: #JohnSnowMemo
The scientific community is united in its rejection of 'herd immunity' through infecting masses of the population. Please sign the #JohnSnowMemo calling for urgent science-based COVID-19 policy and response: via
Please consider signing the John Snow Memorandum (the one the did know something) We need rational public health measures to combat COVID not the fantasy pseudo-immunology of Let it rip. Herd Immunity will only be achieved with a vaccine #JohnSnowMemo
The only way to protect society & economy is to control the virus. Herd immunity is a dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence. I signed the #JohnSnowMemo, together with >80 other #COVID19 scientists
Yes and at affiliations will be checked - we want to represent real scientists, real medical professionals & real responsible citizens, no fake names or trolls #JohnSnowMemorandum #SARSCoV2 #COVID19
JOHN SNOW MEMORANDUM - This is a collaborative, inclusive initiative and we invite colleagues from around the world to signal their support for the memorandum by becoming signatories. #COVID19 #JohnSnowMemorandum
Critics of herd immunity as a COVID strategy include: -WHO director () -Infectious Diseases Society of America () -Association of Public Health Labs () -American Public Health Association () -John Snow Memo signers
Please support the scientific consensus on COVID-19, and call for governments to act urgently based on the evidence by signing the John Snow Memorandum: #JohnSnowMemo
Proud to join a growing list of scientists, public health professionals & medics signing the #JohnSnowMemorandum - outlining a rational & science-based approach to #COVID19 control, that does NOT rely on mass natural infection to drive immunity Sign up
The chance to collaborate with so many of the world's leading scientists was a great honor. Can't name check all 80 but they include #JohnSnowMemo
Thankful for all rapid responses from #publichealth & #Scientific communities re #COVID19response. #GreatBarringtonDeclaration does NOT have widespread consensus- their recommendations aren’t grounded in #publichealth #JohnSnowMemo
I’m a signatory to the #JohnSnowMemo advocating for equitable public health measures to prevent #COVID__19 that account for #inequalities & #LongCovid You can read it & sign here
"The evidence is very clear: controlling community spread of #COVID19 is the best way to protect our societies and economies until safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics arrive" The BGS has officially endorsed #JohnSnowMemorandum Find out more here
there are of course the thousands of individuals on the John Snow Memorandum (if you're able to and haven't yet signed it, then please do so!)
🚨 It's one thing to read "country X is trending poorly...." ▶️▶️ But LOOK at these epicurves 🚨 (source:JHU) Optimism is not an infection-control strategy. #COVID19 #epitwitter UK 🇬🇧
Scientific consensus on the #COVID19 pandemic: we need to act now Sign #JohnSnowMemorandum #ScienceMatters
Les scientifiques du monde entier sont invités à s'inscrire
An actual scientific consensus on the pandemic. Great response. Please consider signing. And sharing.
I can't resist a GIF-so not *that* John Snow but I like this visual of the scientific community fighting the good fight against the COVID-19 #infodemic. If you haven't already, consider signing the #johnsnowmemo
JOHN SNOW MEMORANDUM - John Snow Memorandum - I am one of the signatories #JohnSnowMemorandum - thanks to prestigious colleagues for their initiative #COVID19
Scientists who actually understand virology & practical epidemiology have signed the John Snow Memorandum published in (with references) which refutes the #barringTwaddle
Yes. I signed onto this as well. #JohnSnowMemorandum
Also looking forward to all the people who alleged AIER was some secretive nefarious host of the Great Barrington Declaration website - despite full disclosure on the site - to suddenly go silent about , which doesn't appear to disclose anything ;-)
If you are a scientist, medic, researcher, modeller or public health professional and would like to support the memorandum, sign it here: /2 NO herd immunity strategy for Sars-Cov-2 please.
Join many in science who have signed the #JohnSnowMemo speaking out against the dangerous “herd immunity” approach to #COVID19. Instead we need to work together using proven public health measure to control transmission and save lives Read and sign here
Proud to be a signatory on the #JohnSnowMemo which can be seen here and signed here
"Any pandemic management strategy relying upon immunity from natural infections for COVID-19 is flawed. Uncontrolled transmission in younger people risks significant morbidity and mortality across the whole population." #johnsnowmemo
“Japan, Vietnam, and New Zealand, to name a few countries, have shown that robust public health responses can control transmission, allowing life to return to near-normal, and there are many such success stories” #JohnSnowMemo
So pleased to see that already more than 2000 scientists and public health experts co-signed our JOHN SNOW MEMORANDUM Also supporting the clear simple message about how best to manage the covid19 pandemic? Please join us and sign!
See the #JohnSnowmemo and signatories at
I have signed the John Snow Memorandum: "Scientific consensus on the COVID-19 pandemic: we need to act now"
It seems plausible to me, and I know and trust several of the names on the piece, although I am, of course, not an expert. They want healthcare professionals to sign the memorandum
The #JohnSnowMemorandum on Covid-19
The John Snow Memo: "controlling community spread of COVID-19 is the best way to protect our societies and economies until safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics arrive within the coming months." If Social-Darwinians win a dark winter is coming.
The Great Barrington Declaration and The John Snow Memorandum [Neil Pakenham-Walsh: "Health policy should not be determined by the number of 'likes' on a declaration?"]