There's now an approved treatment for #Ebola Zaire, as well as a vaccine. Seemed unimaginable for a long time. Regeneron's monoclonal cocktail, Inmazeb, was approved today by the FDA.
“With the approval, there are now both a vaccine — Merck’s Ervebo — and a therapeutic to battle Ebola Zaire, tools that for decades were out of reach for Ebola, which is one of the deadliest infections known to humankind.”
"We hope this will be one of many demonstrations of how the power of science can be successfully deployed against dangerous infectious diseases” Great news! For the first time, an Ebola therapy has been approved for use. Learn more from ⬇️
Landmark advice - shouldnt be missed in all the political drama around us. Science at work for us! First Ebola therapy approved by the FDA via