NEW: President Trump has been saying his immunity makes him feel like Superman. But the treatments he got may have prevented his body from making antibodies of his own, leaving him more susceptible in a few weeks than the average Covid-19 survivor. 1/x
As monoclonal antibodies get into broader use—in people w/ no intrinsic IgG response & get dexamethasone to further suppress their immune response (like Trump)—there's potential vulnerability, concern for reinfection w/
5) bottomline—Trump’s self declared immunity may not be long term. Could just be synthetic temporary boost that wanes. He’s still at risk. Great piece by . Please read full piece - lots more juicer nuggets.
Ironically, taking all of these powerful drugs so early in his illness may in fact have left him unprotected long term. thanks to and Dan Barouch
This is *fascinating* >> Trump May Be Immune to the Coronavirus. But for How Long? By
ICYMI: The synthetic antibodies Trump got will drop by half by Oct 23 and wear off soon after, possibly leaving him unprotected against the virus