Honorary Patron Professor of Public Understanding of Philosophy at Sheffield, talks about the ethics of the pandemic in Prospect Magazine: "We do not just want life but a life worth living."
Here's a short piece I wrote for on the ethics of the pandemic: The hardest question of all: life or quality of life?
We all need to think of what we can do to sustain the sectors which enable us not merely to survive, but also to thrive
We want to live in a society which, as far as possible, allows us to live out our own individual conceptions of the good life
Our very own Angie Hobbs from wrote a fantastic article over on titled 'The Ethics of the Pandemic: Life or Quality of Life?' Make sure to go and give it a read 🔍👇
The ethics of the pandemic: life or quality of life? Our very own, Professor , discusses the ethical dilemmas of the pandemic.