3/ Today, I’m thrilled to introduce Planet, The Atlantic’s new section devoted to climate change. We want to be your source of stellar reporting, expert information, and thoughtful analysis about how to live at this moment.
🌎 Something very big and very important launching at today. Introducing Planet, a new approach to covering climate change that has been dreaming up for years
Very pleased to see going all in on climate coverage, with at the helm!
And how should we think about climate change now? has some very stirring thoughts
. is launching Planet, a new section devoted to climate change, along with The Weekly Planet, a new newsletter. We’ve made them because we recognize that climate change is the backdrop of our lives and one of the moral crises of the century.
You're going to want to subscribe to 's new climate newsletter—and all of Atlantic 🌎Planet—with the quickness
I’m excited for the launch of Planet on all things climate — looking forward to how and staff will cover the link with the meat industry.
Atlantic launching "Atlantic Planet," covering "climate change in the present tense." It's nice and healthy to increasingly see a real,grubby media war on to cover a huge story. also doing pretty amazing stuff lately.
You're going to want to follow and the Atlantic's new Planet section.
I'm very happy to see a new climate section at and excited to see and colleagues bring climate into the present tense.