Boris Johnson's Covid plan in turmoil after north-west leaders refuse tier 3 ⁦⁩ is right. It only works if they have a decent track and trace ( they haven’t) and jobs are protected ( they’re not!) Do it/fund it properly or don’t do it!
A captain considers buildiong a boat to weather a storm. Some advise yes, some no. So he fudges and decides to build half a ship and set sail. All the expense and inconvenience - but the ship is bound to sink. That is the UKs current pandemic position.
Mayor of Manchester pushes against Johnson's imposing Tier 3 restrictions w/o providing adequate financial support for those who will have their wages cut & contrary to the claim of the Deputy Medical Officer that this will be ineffective... 3/
We’ve moved a long way from the science a long way from politics standing shoulder to shoulder. Perhaps “following the science” was just another expression of the centralisation of UK government
North-west being set up like 'canaries in coalmine', says Burnham | World news | The Guardian