#COVID19 outbreak from a recreational hockey game. 5 days after the game 15 people had compatible symptoms and 13 of them tested positive for the virus. Lots of close proximity on the bench, dressing room & on the ice. Tough to do this safely.
An Outbreak of COVID-19 Associated with a Recreational ... via An indoor hockey game was associated with a #SARSCoV2 outbreak in which 14 of 21 players (including the index case) experienced COVID-19 symptoms, 13 of whom tested positive.
These small case series from add up. More evidence that: 1) No cloth mask = high risk of infection 2) Physical activity = high risk of infection 3) Indoors = high risk of infection #covid19
Lessons from an ice hockey cluster "The indoor space and close contact between players during a hockey game increase infection risk for players and create potential for a superspreader event, especially w/ ongoing community COVID-19 transmission"
#COVID19 super-spreading event at an indoor hockey game in Florida (June); index case was *not symptomatic* until the day after the game; 14 out of 22 players were infected across both teams. Face masks were not used during the game or in the locker rooms
After a recreational ice hockey game in Florida, 14 players were infected with the virus that causes #COVID19. COVID-19 can spread during indoor sporting activities where intense physical activity is occurring. Learn more:
CDC /Des matches de hockey peuvent crΓ©er des contaminations Γ  grande diffusion (superspreader event) Sauf en Suisse
Rec hockey outbreak: "During the 5 days after the game, 15 persons (14 of the 22 players & a rink staff member) experienced signs &symptoms compatible with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)*; 13 of the 15 ill persons had positive laboratory test results"
Superspreader event at hockey game in Florida: 13/21 players, on both teams, became ill after game. Hockey great Wayne Gretsky said it's easier to lose than to win...the U.S. is losing against Covid. It's never too late to improve the U.S. response.