(LONG) THREAD. Fellow academics: Please take the time to read this incredible (and brave!) piece by about her experience with . I'll break down how CR's tactics work as an example of domestic information warfare
Many thanks to the editors at who fast-tracked this essay about my recent experiences at : #highered #freespeech #CancelCulture #academicfreedom #twitterstorians #USIH
great modeling direct confrontation when your college president joins in right-wing bullying and further endangers you
In Opinion: How not to respond when your faculty members are targeted by right-wing bullies.
“On the cravenness and cowardice of the corporate university.” —⁦
“We must become an institution to each other.” - thank you ⁦
Important piece by at the . The administration of should be ashamed of its inability to provide the most basic support to its faculty.
as our institutional affiliations...are dissolved in the acid bath of the “Amazonification” of higher education...as we drift away from the wreckage, bobbing among the broken flotsam and shattered remnants of shared governance, we drift toward one another
Solidarity with and #AcademicTwitter #HigherEducation