At the moment that Mr. Trump was effectively defending a fringe corner of the internet, Mr. Biden was speaking about corporate tax rates and citing the business-analysis service Moody’s. on the splitscreen with
At dueling town halls, President Trump declined to disavow QAnon and was skeptical of masks, while Joe Biden promised a stance on expanding the Supreme Court.
ICYMI : Trump: -praised followers of the outrageous QAnon conspiracy theory -was skeptical of masks -attacked his own FBI director -cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election Via ⁦
via ⁦⁩ #Presidementia strikes again!
It's so jarring to read this stuff written in standard journalistic tones. It feels like a joke, like if Walter Cronkite were earnestly describing Wile E Coyote's newest schemes to catch the Roadrunner
“Long-distance study in contrasts...” Make things worse vs make things better?