Looking at this scatter plot of Covid mortality and GDP loss across EU, rather than a trade off, you might be tempted to say that there were simply some countries that handled the crisis well and others that did not.
When you read articles about your own country in UK/US media, you often find it shallow. And you infer that they're probably always that shallow, but you usually can't see it. This article is a pleasant change: better than most in Swedish media.
"despite its size, Sweden is a 'moral superpower' that seeks to act rationally" Covid aside,I thought the smug myth of 'innocent Sweden' was buried years ago. I can certainly think of other ways to describe neutrality during the Holocaust and the cold war
Este gráfico en el Financial Times clasifica a países por el número de muertes y el impacto económico que van a sufrir. Es muy duro verlo plasmado de esta manera
With apologies to Biggie Smalls: Sweden’s got same loss of money, mo’ problems (compared to Denmark, Finland and Norway).
Sweden: why the ‘moral superpower’ dissented over Covid-19: 'As it did over the migration crisis in 2015, the Scandinavian country took a position distinct from his European neighbours' via