Just ready this chilling mini-masterpiece by ⁦⁩. Among everything else, O’Toole read Donald Barr’s horrific novel Slave Relations so we don’t have to.
Key sentences: "What must be understood about Barr is that he is not a lawyer in the political arena. He is a political ideologue and operative who happens to function through the law." Enabler in Chief via
Attorney General Bill Barr "is the single most important figure on Trump's transition team, but the transition in question is not the democratic transfer of power," writes. "It is the transition from republican democracy to authoritarianism."
Don't be fooled. Barr is already laying the ground for "the opening premise of a brief from the attorney general to the Supreme Court arguing why huge numbers of votes should be discounted."
Opened my latest ⁦⁦⁩ issue and landed straight on this headline and illustration of Attorney General William Barr, for an essay by ⁦⁩:
“for William Barr, Roe v. Wade, not slavery, is America’s original sin”