Analysis of >114,000 US pandemic covid deaths today Black persons: 18.7% of deaths, 12.5% of the U.S. population Hispanic persons: 24.2% of deaths, 18.5% of the U.S. population. Increased from 16% in May to 26% in August
Besides the continued evidence of disproportionate deaths among racial and ethnic minorities, the CDC's newly updated analysis of Covid mortality reminds us that over 20% of US deaths have occurred in people under the age of 65
Analysis of 114,411 COVID-19–associated deaths in May–Aug, found that 51.3% of decedents were non-Hispanic White, 24.2% were Hispanic/Latino, & 18.7% were non-Hispanic Black. The percentage of Hispanic decedents increased from 16.3% in May to 26.4% in Aug
New on Race, Ethnicity, and Age Trends in #COVID19 deaths in the United States. Among the findings, 46% of deaths were in South (compared to 38% of the U.S. population). Deaths in the South rose from 23.4% in May to 62.7% in August.
Data released from this afternoon indicate 20% of deaths from Covid are in people under 65
New MMWR documenting the continued disproportionate impact of #COVID19. "Racial and ethnic disparities among COVID-19 decedents have persisted over the course of the pandemic and continue to increase among Hispanic persons."
A new on #COVID19 deaths in the United States finds that people who are Black or African American or who are Hispanic or Latino represent more than 4 out of 10 deaths despite representing about 3 out of 10 in the U.S. population. Learn more:
Race, Ethnicity, and Age Trends in Persons Who Died ... via the majority were male (53.3%), White (51.3%), aged ≥65 years (78.2%), and died in an inpatient setting. Overall, 24.2% of were Hispanic & 18.7% Black. 45.7% of deaths were in the South.
Another report on racial disparities in COVID deaths from that somehow manages *not* to provide the age-adjusted increased rate of death for African-Americans and Latino Americans. 1/2
Race, Ethnicity, and Age Trends in Persons Who Died ... via
Race, Ethnicity, and Age Trends in Persons Who Died from #COVID19 — United States, May–August 2020 via