This administration did not fail to enact a strategy; they actively prevented its implementation. This is not passive incompetence, it is proactive malice toward Americans. Could there be a more basic violation and abandonment of consitutional duty? #VOTE
A remarkable line. IMO 20% is impossibly low, 40% is low but not out of the question. But the key is that he acknowledges (1) we're not at 20% yet and (2) we could readily go to 40%. We're at 219K deaths. Apparently Atlas would be ok with another 219K.
This article is unbelievable. Here is our federal testing "strategy". Not only have thousands of people unnecessarily died because of this insanity, but it's also why we can't return to normal and why millions of Americans remain unemployed.
📍ATLAS SHRUGGED & PEOPLE DIED. Trump’s WH pandemic advisor Scott Atlas arm-twisted CDC to say no need to test asymptomatic people for #COVID19 *even if exposed to virus*—angering Drs. Birx & Redfield. Atlas now tied with Miller for worst Trump advisor. 🧵
Yet again we are hearing of White House opposition to expand #COVID19 testing for fear it will identify more cases. The thing is, you can't hide from the pandemic by not testing. Rising test positivity will provide clear evidence that we are undertesting.
“⁦⁩ Opposes Expanded Coronavirus Testing” via . How is this possible? Testing is key to identifying infection, without which we cannot find outbreaks. Testing doesn’t create #covid19, but is key to controlling it.
The Trump administration doesn’t see “the workforce” as equals worthy of rights. Just read Atlas’ latest agenda-driven BS: (ht )
White House Opposes Expanded Coronavirus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks - ⁦⁩ Scott Atlas knows NOTHING about public health of infectious diseases. It is terrifying that he is advising the President on issues he is ignorant about.
this article doesn't spell it out, but Atlas's insistence on only testing the "vulnerable" is key to the Great Barrington Declaration. see this op-ed by two of its authors, "The Case Against COVID Tests for the Young and Healthy":
Key closing message: TRUMP IS STANDING IN THE WAY OF REOPENING AND RECOVERY. Expanded testing, so we can be confident we're not being exposed, is key. Trump's opposition to such testing--supported by health experts and economists-- is preventing recovery.
Over 215,000 Americans have lost their lives and new coronavirus cases are surging along with layoffs - yet Trump is now trying to undercut the pandemic response even more. "White House Opposes Expanded Virus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks"
White House Opposes Expanded Virus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks
Systematic testing of asymptomatic people — & the behavior change it helps induce — seems to have been key to successes. The Trump admin has resisted this, whether the message is coming from public health experts or leading economists like
Trump’s view that testing is bad because it makes it harder to downplay the severity of the pandemic has been one of his most consistent views and it keeps being enormously harmful.
The White House is opposing testing of asymptomatic people, on the grounds that those who test positive would be isolated from the "workforce." They're literally opposing virus detection because it would lead to more infection control than they want.
The President has no plans to expand testing for #COVID19. He has no plans to stop the virus, depending on “herd immunity” instead. He has no plans for passing a COVID-19 relief bill. He has no plans, period. It’s time to vote him out. #AFTvotes  
More from , and , reporting in the NYTimes about my interaction with Scott Atlas. My email here:
Lost in the craziness of the news cycle: The Trump administration actually *opposes* testing more Americans for coronavirus
Thanks Dr. Birx: Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, has pushed for aggressive, broad testing even among young and healthy people, often clashing with Dr. Atlas in meetings.
"Mr. Romer proposed additional testing and isolation efforts that could allow far more Americans to return to work and shopping, generating economic activity that would be 10 or 100 times larger than the cost of the testing program itself."
White House Opposes Expanded Coronavirus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks
But this message has been ignored by policymakers all along. Federal leadership has, since very early on, simply not been interested in supporting broad testing of the US population. It continues to this day, as this piece plainly shows.
Shorter White House: "testing for me, but not for thee"
“No to expanded testing.” This WH is not immune to the virus, but they are perfectly immune to all science, evidence, and critical steps to fight it. For this pandemic nightmare to end, we clearly first have to end the Trump administration.
Libertarian pseudo-scientists in the White House oppose expanded testing, as daily Covid-19 cases approach 70k. “Policy” as madness, one year into a pandemic that has infected 8m and killed almost 220k.
White House Opposes Expanded Virus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks: Some administration officials say testing Americans with no symptoms of the #coronavirus would hurt the economy and restrict civil liberties. via et al