A little late to the party, but can finally share this meta-analysis in on cytokines in 1,245 pts w/ #COVID19 vs. sepsis, ARDS, & CAR T CRS. I could belabor the details, but the bottom-line is simple: #COVID19 is not a #CytokineStorm.
Nice paper shows much hyped IL-6 not really that high in #COVID19 Vs other severe illnesses like sepsis & ARDS
Interesting comparison of cytokine levels in COVID, non-COVID ARDS, sepsis & CRS. Further evidence to suggest that the COVID “cytokine storm” may be more of a storm in a teacup.
#Cytokine #elevation in severe and critical #COVID-19
Another challenge to the “cytokine storm” narrative et al argue that ‘descriptor cytokine storm is problematic and alternative mechanisms of COVID-19-induced organ dysfunction are worth considering’