From the Guardian article: “Every single student hall at Bournemouth has cases, from a single isolation, to a whole corridor. There are more than 100 cases but the management thinks this should be kept confidential.”
It is tragic that Vice-Chancellors have now been put in the position of pub landlords, desperate to hang on to trade in order to survive despite the risk to health and well-being. But I guess that is inevitable once you turn students into consumners.
An unholy alliance. Gov won’t bail universities out, but will turn blind eye to health implications of large numbers of students going back so universities can charge full fee based on increasingly hollow claims about the benefits of ‘blended learning’
‘Universities are becoming like “incubation chambers for the pandemic in local communities, like arsonists amplifying a fire”’: Prof Simon Marginson, University of Oxford
UK universities accused of keeping students at all costs until after fee deadline Great to see president discussing the impacts of covid crisis in unis on *all* staff and students.
UK universities accused of keeping students at all costs until after fee deadline. It’s always hard to work out precisely what is fact and fiction, but it really feels that UK Higher Education are being at least partly forced to walk a tightrope here.
A shocking dereliction of duty by any standards, and a manifestation of successive UK governments’ policies to marketise #highered, coupled with the refusal to bail out institutions that run into financial trouble as a result of the pandemic. 😠
“Many universities are hesitating to move to online teaching to quell Covid because they are desperate to keep disenchanted students until the Christmas holidays, when a key deadline for fee rebates runs out”
Yet another example
“university managers are wrong to predict thousands of students would drop out if they were sent home to study online ... online higher education & a degree is a much better outcome than no degree. Students and their families know this.”
"I keep hearing that staff are being told not to isolate even though their students have tested positive"