So why didn’t Wuhan-like outbreaks erupt all over China? The answer: strict lockdowns. With nearly the entire population forced into lockdown in January and February, ‘diagnoses weren’t made . . . the virus just burnt itself out’
The first days and weeks of the coronavirus pandemic were crucial. So why did China wait to alert the world? The FT’s investigation, the first of a six-part series, examines what went wrong in Wuhan 👇
Everyone must read this article. Not because it will surprise you - but because it reaffirms what most people have suspected - with more evidence and clearer timeline. It’s a damning account of WHO & Chinese leadership.
After many months of reporting by FT team the first piece in the mega series on whether the pandemic could have been prevented takes us back to Wuhan
China’s reluctance to leap into action was understandable, said Dale Fisher, an infectious diseases specialist who worked in west African Ebola hotspots. It was a dynamic that would play out across the world over the following months
China and Covid-19: what went wrong in Wuhan? | Financial Times
This is the first part of a major Financial Times series, Coronavirus: could the world have been spared?, investigating the global response to the crisis and whether the disaster could have been averted
A migrant worker who travelled home to warn local officials about a new virus — & was brushed off. A Wuhan doctor passed from one govt arm to another when trying to report cases. Some of the amazing named interviewees in China investigation of the year
China and Covid-19: what went wrong in Wuhan? via
China and Covid-19: what went wrong in Wuhan? via