make sure you check in with your friends of CIA experience today. agents or agent-adjacent folx out there this morning reading this: i see you, and you are valid. please remember to practice self care ♥️
As they say in Bolivia, they’ve got money and US embassy support for their military-backed right wing coup, but we’ve got people
“We have reclaimed democracy and above all we have reclaimed hope,” says ⁦
Remarkable conclusion to a disastrously false call by the OAS
Bolivia election: exit polls suggest thumping win for Evo Morales' party - "57-year-old UK-educated economist" - this is why #brexiters are stupid to make UK so hostile to people from other nations
This is hopefully the first election the US Republican Party loses. Bolivia returns to democracy after a military coup supported by the US Republicans to install a white-supremacist upper-class christian-fundamentalist regime.