“What if I become a nuclear influencer,” she thought, “and just create influencer content, but hack the algorithm to deliver something that I deem meaningful?” ☢️
"My goal is for our civilization to move beyond fossil fuels" More good info on what is all about from .
A very cool rundown of my friend 's story. Isabelle is basically hacking social media for social good, which is such an awesome model for how use these platforms for good.
Why did Isabelle Boemeke, a successful fashion model, suddenly torpedo her social media accounts and start posting exclusively about nuclear energy?
Great write-up on 's completely unique work. Vaporwave-inspired, alien outfits, actually pretty funny - not the usual nuclear stuff you see on this site -->>
I know the nuclear industry has some PR problems but ...
This radiant model wants you to stop worrying and love nuclear energy via 👀
Nice coverage, ! Everyone, check out the world's first nuclear energy influencer on a mission to help solve #ClimateChange.