NEW: Debate Commission will *MUTE* candidates' microphones during their opponent's 2-minute opening answers. Then mikes turn back on & candidates have at it.
I know muting allows issues to be discussed in full, and we all like to pretend like every voter wants issues, but ppl also vote on stuff like temperament, and while the free for all does little for the former it can be clarifying for the latter
The presidential debate commission agrees to MUTE the microphone. #Debate2020
A deadlocked Supreme Court allowed extra time for some mail-in ballots to be counted in Pennsylvania, a battleground state. It’s a win for Democrats.
The U.S. Office of Special Counsel said it would investigate whether Pompeo violated the Hatch Act’s ban on political activity in the federal workplace by pledging to release Hillary Clinton’s emails.
“Your state is doing great with the pandemic,” President Trump said at a rally in Arizona, where there have been an average of 796 coronavirus cases per day over the past week. Here’s a snapshot of how the state has been doing
"President Trump — who hamstrung the White House coronavirus task force, peddled dubious Covid-19 cures and publicly downplayed the threat of the disease — accused [Biden]...of leaning too heavily on the scientific community for setting pandemic policy."
This is a real headline in the New York Times. In America. In the 21st century: Trump mocks Biden for listening to scientists
Debate commission is planning to mute the mic of the opposing candidate during the initial 2-minute answer to each question.
Cranky loser: “People are tired of Covid. I have the biggest rallies I’ve ever had. And we have Covid. People are saying, ‘Whatever. Leave us alone.’ People are tired of Fauci and these idiots, all these idiots who got it wrong. This guy’s a disaster.”
deeply normal one here
watching trump rage while he’s on mute is enough to get me to watch another debate, but it comes with the trade off of fewer opportunities for him to self inflict