Also with a big s/o out to 's new book, the winner of my Prestigious Jack Kirby Award for October!
The weirdest, most fun thing I've written in ages: , , the Future of #Freedom, & ‘Censorship Gravity’ co-authored with the great
THREAD: A new piece from me & talks about the masterpiece , , & the concept of “censorship gravity.” 1/9
A point of disagreement I have with the book is his dismissal as implausible that we may view AI as friends. As the father of 2 & 4 year olds it’s clear to me we ascribe human qualities to everything from teddy bears & Echo Dots to forks. Why not AI? 5/6
Here is what I wrote on that. You might enjoy the piece because it's really about the future of smart apps & "centaurs." So they provide no contact info?