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AOC just accused Ilhan of secretly murdering innocents, live feed
Congresswoman drew over 430k live concurrent viewers on โ€œAmong Usโ€ live stream where she encouraged voting. ๐Ÿ—ณ Watch now:
AOC already has 250,000+ live viewers on twitch and she hasn't even started a game yet
The view count on this AOC Among Us Twitch stream, amazing
Now AOC and Ilhan are on a murderous rampage, just as Trump warned us.
This is mesmerizing, brilliant and I don't understand any of it
Wrong stream--here it is!
Did you know this is a thing?
Somebody needs to create a faux attack ad from 's Twitch stream: "I need to kill someone, don't I? There are too many people! I need to off someone." Text over the screen: "Very sus, ."