How The New York Times sketched Team Biden’s evidence-free 'Russian disinformation' tale
In ’s newest newsletter, he points out that the “evidence” making the case Burisma was hacked is bullshit, again
I tracked down how Team Biden's "Russian disinformation" hoax was seeded in the media. It started with a story in The New York Times
How The New York Times sketched Team ’s evidence-free 'Russian disinformation' tale by
The Burisma hack story has the same origin as the DNC/Clinton hack story: “Falkowitz founded Area 1 with a man who used to be a top executive at #Crowdstrike, which authored the infamous report claiming the DNC was hacked by the Russians in 2016.”
The Biden emails are not Russian disinformation. The push to label them as Russian disinformation is the real disinformation operation. There's no Russian involvement here whatsoever. It's a complete hoax
Joe Biden is going to claim the incriminating Biden comms/emails/texts is "Russian disinformation," therefore, he won't address it. Here's how that fake news narrative was created. It's a giant hoax meant to cover for Biden foreign corruption schemes.
"Russian disinformation" claims attached to Biden emails is a giant hoax. It's a campaign that has been in the making for a year. Dems have been aware of Hunter forgotten laptop incident since the FBI took possession of the hard drive in December of 2019.
The "Biden emails are Russian disinformation" narrative began with a fake news story that was planted in The New York Times by dem operatives