NEW: US diplomats & spies say Trump administration has concealed info on mystery attacks abroad in which Russia is a suspect. We found new episodes w/ CIA officers in Moscow & elsewhere — similar to Cuba & China crises. w/ .
NEW: “Havana syndrome” grabbed headlines when it swept through the American missions, first in Cuba and then in China. But previously unreported incidents also took place in Russia and elsewhere, an NYT investigation has found with
Office of Special Counsel opens 2 investigations into for Hatch Act violations — critics say he is campaigning for Trump using taxpayer resources. We reported OSC also has 2 investigations into State Dept. handling of illnesses in China & Cuba:
1. It's hard to overstate what callous disregard this shows for the safety of our diplomats and intelligence officers, and how much the obsession with undoing Obama's Cuba policy while currying favor with Russia and China drove Trump's policy.
This has always been such a strange story brewing in the background. Who is behind these attacks on US intelligence officers and diplomats? Why is State refusing to turn over a National Academies of Sciences report to Congress?
“The cases involving C.I.A. officers, none of which have been publicly reported, are adding to suspicions that Russia carried out the attacks worldwide.” Terrifying reporting from ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦⁩ ⁦⁦
NEW: An additional group of C.I.A. officers have reported incidents similar to the mysterious Havana Syndrome attacks in Cuba including a reported attack in Moscow on in December 2017. New report by , & me.
via ⁦⁩ A very potent reminder that our adversaries play for keeps. ⁦⁩, I am so sorry for what you and the other victims of these attacks are going through.
A few more thoughts of my own following , , and 's fascinating reporting on the mystery attacks against US diplomats, since I did go to Havana with NYTimes to poke around in 2018...
Potential sonic attacks against Americans in China Russia and Cuba, were treated differently: Critics say disparities stemmed from diplomatic and political considerations, incl Trump’s desire to strengthen relations with Russia, win a trade deal with China
Wash Post runs 2 editorial pieces on & GQ investigations into how Trump admin has mishandled & concealed attacks on US diplomats & spies — w/ Russia as a suspect. 1) 2) By : 3) Our story:
This is a strange and perplexing story
An update on one of the strangest recent episodes in the State Department, the still unexplained ailments of US diplomats in Cuba and China. Explanations have ranged from loud tropical crickets to more sinister "sonic attacks."
Fascinating story by ⁦⁩, ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ about how the State Dept has dealt with suspected high-tech attacks against its diplomats. After attacks in Cuba, there were consequences for Cuban officials. Not so for China
Stranger than fiction...
“The administration took a softer approach with China...The State Department soon retreated, labeling what happened in China as “health incidents”...And the State Department did not open an investigation into what happened in China.”
U.S. Diplomats suspect microwave attacks in China, Cuba and Russia: Some mention a strange marble sound on the ceiling. We heard that regularly when living in the (bugged) apartment in Beijing from 1988-93, but no odd illnesses in that era.
#HavanaSyndrome is back: U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks
“Those who fled China have spent more than two years fighting to obtain the same benefits given to the victims in Cuba and others attacked by foreign powers.“
Odd Noises, Strange Illnesses and Two Very Different U.S. Responses. The episodes, affecting American diplomats and spies in China,🇨🇳 Cuba🇨🇺 and now Russia,🇷🇺 are raising speculation of a foreign attack. via #HavanaSyndrome
Everything about this story is unspeakably awful. And btw, what exactly will Biden do to combat Russian aggression?
U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks in 3 countries.