The Lords of the Valley shut down the White House spokeswoman, one of the nation’s largest newspapers, and the Senate GOP judiciary account, and they don’t even have to show up to a hearing. One can almost see the sovereignty ebbing away.
The Senate Judiciary Committee postponed plans to vote on subpoenas to compel the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook to testify on allegations of anti-conservative bias after some panel Republicans expressed reservation about the maneuver
Senate Republicans collapse even on hearings and subpoenas for big tech. We *know* it wasn’t Hawley, Cruz or Kennedy staff.
Delay, delay, delay. Judiciary should VOTE. Those Republicans who are opposed to calling out #BigTech can go on record
Which Republican Senators on Judiciary are "wavering" over a subpoena for Jack Dorsey? I'd like to know. Any thoughts ?
Somebody wrote a few checks...
I look forward to voting to subpoena Big Tech for the Judiciary Committee this Thursday just as I already voted to subpoena them for the Commerce hearing next Wednesday.