For the first time, Nature family journals set their open access price, and it is around £9000. No, that's not a typo. Science is increasingly just a capitalist endeavour, where irrespective of your ideas, only those who get all the money can succeed.
Nature journals announce first open-access agreement The publication fee of €9500 reinforces the need for publishers to adopt the #Plan_S price transparency framework to help researchers to determine whether fees are in line with the services provided
€9,500 (US$11,200) per article, to publish as open-access in a journal? Surest way to exclude researchers from low/middle income countries
The economics of science publishing are absurd. It isn't $10k to publish in because they provide a better service, but because authors must pay for the time editors spend in rejecting everyone else's paper. It's #PayForPrestide pure & simple.
€9,500 or $11,200USD or $17,000NZD, no matter the currency this is FAR to much for the poor archiving and open accessing of our articles. The sooner the traditional publishing industry collapses, the better.
is it in the public interest for researchers to have to pay €9500 to publish in Nature-branded journals? /cc
Publishing open access in Nature under Plan S will cost 9500 euro. No better way to quantify the cost of the selective prestige publication circus than in money. GiveWell can save 2 lives for that amount if you publish in a 0 APC journal instead.
The publisher of has agreed its first deal to allow some researchers to publish in the journal, and in 33 other Nature-branded titles, under open-access terms.
Please remember this watershed moment, where APC and commercial Open Access are now systematized and inequality and exclusion are rooted and structured. Now more than ever, Latin America, you must keep doing what you know.
For the times they are a-changin'. Nature journals announce first open-access agreement
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Nature journals announce first open-access agreement, amounting to a cost of US$11,200 per article. This deal is “very attractive” and the cost likely “not a problem”. 🙄
The arrangement will allow some researchers in Germany to publish openly — but critics say it comes with a high price.
€9,500/$11,200 to get open access in Nature journals. Ask yourself this question when submitting a paper to a journal: who does this benefit? Is it science? Or is it a tyrannical hegemony of power and money?
$11,200 per article. Nature journals announce first open-access agreement
In case you were wondering where your tax money goes: €9,500 to publish a paper. Not to do the study, not to analyze anything, not even to have somebody writing anything. Just to put it in a journal that is mainly online these days.
9500 euros for open-access publication in Nature. I am supportive of OA but ultimately that’s the cost of prestige borne by tax payers to benefit the career of a handful of researchers
Para mi esto es la Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada, la sistematización del APC acaba con el espíritu del Acceso Abierto, es la estructuración de la exclusión y la inequidad. #OAWeek2020 América Latina se mantiene defendiendo la ciencia como bien común.
Matthew effects in action
US$11,200. Nope, not a typo.
What does Germany get for 20-fold market rates? Sub-standard publishing services. Smart move, Germany
Nature journals announce first open-access agreement
(For the bargain price of $11,000... PER ARTICLE) Institutions that sign up will pay a lump sum covering the reading and open-access publishing of articles in 34 journals, with access to articles in 21 other Nature Reviews titles. 
1/ Nature and Max Planck do a deal for paid #openaccess. How much does an author pay? 11,000 USD. ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS . This is not COST, this is pure vanity publishing. This is the day when the values of Open Access died
Struck by the contrast between Nature CHARGING you €9500 if you want to publish #openaccess with them and GIVING you €15,000 if you come with a cool tool like Ian Ondo et al.'s ShinyBIOMOD
Average article cost: ~500€. Average article reliability: average Nature group article price: >10k€ Average Nature group article reliability: below average. Only academics would pay 20 times more for less
So instead of ditching the parasites which publish the least reliable science, we throw more money at them. Germany, we are insane: Prestige trumps reliability, tabloids over facts.
The irony here is, of course, that Nature sells academics sub-standard publishing services at 20-fold market rates, but the academics get first-class science journalism for free - which is about the only thing at Nature worth their money:
If we are going to go down the route of giving glamour journals ten grand a pop for open access, the humanities should at least get a publicly funded London Review of Books or whatever.
“Agreements...for paying exorbitant amounts for publishing OA in prestigious journals do nothing to improve the accessibility and equitability of the scholarly publishing system, and merely show everything can be had if you just throw enough money at it”
Interesting timing here. Based on a lot of the conversation I've seen on my timeline, probably worth pointing out that researchers aren't paying the $11k, the library is. Library budgets have been under pressure for a long time. So yes, I gasped too.
It's great some German researchers will get immediate open access in Nature journals. But $11,200 *per article*?! Justification is the high rejection rate. We tolerate this to outsource evaluation, but that evaluation is opaque. Publishing is broken.
The rationale for the 9.500€ per article is clearly stated: "The MPDL deal, says Schimmer, is constructed on the basis that Springer Nature would maintain the income it might otherwise have expected from subscriptions ". No relation with production cost
The publisher of has announced its first open-access agreement. #Nature #Publishing #OpenAccess #Journals #SciencePublications
A strange OAWeek present to Springer Nature: 9.500€ per Open Access article in Nature journals!!!
Timely and important move in #OA from Springer Nature #openaccess #scholarlypublishing #oaweek #springernature #information #publishingindustry
quote from this Nature News piece announcing the first transformative(?) agreement covering open access publishing in Nature-brand journals (only) for Max Planck Digital Library affiliated scholars
Don't agree with the premise but this rate is for all Nature-branded journals (not just Nature) that are not normally OA
Reading the literature at the library used to be free but in the online world journal subscription costs have gone up a lot for everyone. Nature journals announce first open-access agreement
Nature journals announce first open-access agreement
Nature journals announce first [expensive] open-access agreement [with ]
Nature journals announce first open-access agreement: "The sum is calculated on the basis of a price of €9,500 (US$11,200) per article. This is much higher than the per-article OA fees charged by other selective journals, which are below US$6,000." ?!
A strange OAWeek gift to Springer Nature: 9.500€ per Open Access article in Nature journals!!!
One doesn't always get quoted when one is interviewed (not a big deal - that's the way it goes and I didn't express a strong pro/con view) .... so let me share my remarks in this thread
I'm teaching a workshop on self-archiving today.
People are rightly balking at the high price per #openaccess article that will be charged for Nature-branded journals. However, you can't directly compare this to other APCs as the price per article includes subscriptions to all of Nature-branded journals
If Nature operates with a cost per published article even slightly close to 9.500€ it means it is a very innefective an innefecient venue for scholarly communication! #OAWeek gift to Springer-Nature